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TraXis Table Reader (TM)

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TraXis Readers & Scanners 

Do you need a rapid and reliable identification of your TraXis 2D dot-coded tubes?

If so, Micronic offers a unique range of readers for TraXis 2D dot-coded systems, built for operational precision, high throughput and reliability to easily interface with your sample organisation.

The TraXis barcode is the only worldwide unique 2D dimensional Dotcode that ensures no number duplication.

The TraXis code offers 8.5 billion unique permutations!

The special developed software enables you reliable reading and seamless integration into any laboratory sample database.

Single Tube Reader

The Single Tube Reader (STM) your reader of choice for single TraXis 2D dot-coded tube identification in all environmental conditions; 

  • A single read within 0.5 seconds
  • Free standing operation from embedded software
  • Versatile data export to any software application (RS232)
  • Easy to integrate into any laboratory equipment
  • Robust and reliable
  • Heater option for operation down to -20°C
  • This reader is perfect suitable for confirmation, tracing and processing.

Table Model Scanner

The economical Table Model Scanner (TM ) is the ideal solution for manual reading racks filled with TraXis 2D dot-coded tubes within 20 seconds An easy and reliable to use bench-top reader that delivers: 

  • High quality for low investment
  • Entire rack filled with 2D Dot-coded tubes read in less than 20 seconds
  • A fast and easy first step into using coded sample tubes
  • Easy installation, no maintenance
  • Versatile software will generate a variety of file formats according to your requirement:
  • Microsoft Acces/Excel
  • CSV-files (text)
  • Serial output (RS232)
  • Remote control (ActiveX)
  • Database integration included
  • Besides reading 2D bar-coded tubes we offer an individual linear barcode reader to scan the 1D barcode on the rack.

High Throughput Reader

The High Throughput Reader (HTM) provides unparalleled levels of performances and functionality to read TraXis 2D dot-coded tubes. This fastest reader fits perfectly in all high throughput and automated applications. It's enables you:

  • to read an entire rack in less than 1 second.
  • to connect the reader for automated systems including:
  • database integration
  • integration into any platform
  • any output format required
  • an optional heater for operation down to -20°C
  • Supplied with Pc and monitor

Besides reading 2D bar-coded tubes we offer an individual linear barcode reader to scan the 1D barcode on the rack.