Transcriptor High Fidelity cDNA Synthesis Kit by Roche Applied Science - a member of the Roche Group

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Transcriptor High Fidelity cDNA Synthesis Kit
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The Transcriptor High Fidelity cDNA Synthesis Kit is designed to reverse transcribe RNA with an increased fidelity compared to other reverse transcriptases. The kit features Transcriptor High Fidelity Reverse Transcriptase, a blend of a recombinant reverse transcriptase and a proofreading mediating enzyme optimized for two-step RT-PCR, making this the product of choice for the following applications:

  • Cloning genes of interest
  • Sequencing transcriptomes
  • Generating cDNA libraries with large and full length inserts

As the kit is also tested with the LightCycler® Instruments and other real-time PCR Instruments, the product is also ideal for quantitative RT-PCR applications that require high fidelity.
The kit contains all components required for synthesizing cDNA suitable for direct use in qualitative RT-PCR with conventional thermal cyclers or quantitative RT-PCR on real-time PCR instruments. The 50-reaction pack size also includes 10 control reactions (control RNA and control primer mix).

Increase accuracy during reverse transcription reactions.

  • Benefit from an optimized enzyme blend with a 7-fold higher fidelity compared to other commonly used reverse transcriptases.
  • Trust true-fidelity data, as determined by the sequencing of amplified fragments with the Genome Sequencer 20 System.

Combine accuracy with high sensitivity, high yield, and full-length transcripts.

  • Generate full-length transcripts up to 14 kb with the anchored-oligo (dT)18 primers included in the kit.
  • Obtain excellent yields.
  • Detect low-copy number templates; reverse transcription from as little as 1 ng template RNA is possible.
  • Transcribe a variety of templates, even the most difficult (e.g. GC-rich RNAs with high secondary structure) through reverse transcription at temperatures up to 55°C.

Get results faster.

  • Reduce reverse transcription reaction time to as little as 10 minutes.

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