Transcreener® GDP Assays by BellBrook Labs

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Transcreener® GDP Assays
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BellBrook Labs Transcreener GDP Assays

The Bell Brook Labs Transcreener GDP Assays are single step, homogenous, fluorescent assays for direct detection and screening of GTPases. Available with fluorescence polarization (FP) and fluorescence intensity (FI) readouts, they provide a safe, HTS-compatible alternative to cumbersome radioassay methods and are more sensitive and less subject to interference than colorimetric phosphate detection methods. Based on BellBrook's proprietary nucleotide immmunodetection technology, the BellBrook Transcreener GDP Assays are compatible with any enzyme class that produces GDP, including monomeric small G proteins, such as CDC42, and Gα subunits of heterotrimeric G proteins, such as Gαi1.

Features of BellBrook Labs Transcreener GDP Assays:

•Highly selective, high affinity antibody means you can detect nanomolar GDP in the presence of 100-fold excess GTP

•Use with any GDP-producing enzyme, at initial GTP concentrations of 0.1 to 1,000 μM.

•Run your enzyme reaction, add Transcreener detection reagents, read your plates.

•Available in Fluorescence Polarization (FP) and Fluorescence Intensity (FI) detection modes that have been validated with major instrument platforms.

•Based on the Transcreener ADP2 Assay, which has been validated in over 40,000,000 wells of pharma HTS. See peer reviewed publications