TRACE™ GC columns by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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TRACE™ GC columns
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The new line of TRACE™ GC columns offers reliable, reproducible columns for GC and GC/MS to meet all of your analysis needs.

TRACE™ TR-1 GC Columns

The TRACE TR-1 from Thermo is a general purpose 100% dimethyl polysiloxane non-polar GC column suitable for a wide range of compounds.

TRACE™ TR-5 GC Columns

The TRACE TR-5 column is a universal GC column used in a wide range of applications.

TRACE™ TR-1MS GC Columns

The TR-1MS from Thermo is an industry standard non-polar column ideal for all GC/MS applications.

TRACE™ TR-5MS GC Columns

The TR-5MS from Thermo is a non-polar phase for GC/MS, particularly if the column is exposed to many different methods.

TRACE™ TR-35MS GC Columns

The TRACE TR-35MS from Thermo is a mid-polarity silphenylene-based phase ideal for all GC/MS applications.

TRACE™ TR-50MS GC Columns

An ideal column for GC/MS applications, often used with a 5% phenyl column as a confirmation column.

TRACE™ TR-WAX GC Columns  

The TR-WAX GC column is highly cross-linked and deactivated, ideal for polar compound analysis.

TRACE™ TR-SimDist GC Columns

The TRACE TR-SimDist column is a high temperature, low bleed column for simulated distillation analysis.


TRACE TR-FAME columns are specifically designed for the separation of Fatty Acid Methy Esters (FAMEs)

TRACE™ TR-V1 GC Columns

The TRACE TR-V1 GC column is ideal for the analysis of volatile compounds

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