TRACE AI 1200 Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Manufacturer Aurora Biomed
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Aurora has built a reputation as an industry leader in atomic absorption and atomic fluorescence spectroscopy. Thanks to its many customizable options, the TRACE 1200 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer is also the most versatile spectrometer on the market today. What started out as a good idea has developed into a remarkable analytical instrument. In an industry that is becoming increasingly specialized, it is easy to recognize the advantages of an analytical instrument that offers so many possibilities in such a small space. We invite you to download the brochure and examine the many features available. With true double beam optics, a transversely heated graphite furnace tube (optional) and a host of automated safety features the TRACE 1200 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer offers a cost-effective and reliable solution for your elemental analysis requirements. Combining the TRACE 1200 with our unique Vapour/Hydride generator (F/VG or F/GF/VG configurations) extremely low detection limits may be achieved.
The AI 12000 is a flame atomic absorption spectrometer that offeres umatched performance and precision (for 2 ppm Cu samples, 0.4abs, less than 0.5% RSD). Features include: auto-aligned, coded, five lamp turret; switchable single and double beam optics; programmable gas control; D2 background correction, and detection limits in the ppm range.