TRACE 800 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Manufacturer Aurora Biomed

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Current industry demands require that elemental analyses embody higher precision, higher sensitivity, and lower detection limits than ever before. Aurora has built a reputation as an industry leader in atomic absorption spectroscopy. Building on this success, Aurora is pleased to introduce their newest addition to their line of atomic absorption spectrometers - the TRACE 800. The TRACE 800 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer is specifically designed with low-budget users in mind but without sacrificing performance quality for atomic absorption spectroscopy tasks. This instrument is highly automated. Atomic absorption spectroscopy test procedures, peak searching, ignition, measurement data collection, data processing and safety monitoring are all computer controlled via an external PC connection.
Key Features:
- Available as either the TRACE 800 Flame (F) or as the TRACE 800 Flame/Vapour Generation (F/VG)
- Switchable single/electronic double beam optics
- Six (6) lamp turret with auto-switch