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TPE Cap Range

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Absolute sample integrity

Are you looking for a save & easy sealing solution for your valuable samples?

If so, then Micronic offers you the widest variety of (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) TPE caps.

The diverse high quality TPE Cap range ensures the integrity of your samples.


  • Multi pierceable, avoids cross contamination
  • Hydrophobic: an excellent barrier for both water and DMSO
  • Working temperature ultra low
  • Available in 9 different colour coded caps
  • Compatible with the Micronic tube range
  • Available with split septum to maximise piercing
  • Produced in a Class 10,000 clean room
  • RNase & DNase free
  • Resists high chemical solvents
  • Absolute quality consistency
  • Available as sterile

TPE Cap range includes:

Cap for capping 1 tube, bulk

TPE caps filled by 5000 in a bag for automation usage. Also available pre-capped in pre-filled racks; for automated processes

Capband-8 and -12 in Capmat format

These Capbands exists of a retaining film holding 96 fixed TPE caps with a tear off line to obtain a strip of 8 or 12; for typical lab processes

Capmat for capping 96 tubes

The Capmat exists out of a retaining film holding 96 fixed TPE caps for sealing 96 tubes for storing a complete rack

Capcluster for capping 96 individual tubes

The Capcluster allows you to seal 96 tubes as easily as applying a Capmat, simply remove the retaining film to leave each tube individually capped.

  • Split cap reduces piercing force
  • Used with needles and pipette tips