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With TOYOPEARL ToyoScreen columns Tosoh Bioscience is providing an effective system to quickly select the right TOYOPEARL resin for the chromatographic purification of biomolecules as proteins or oligonucleotides.

Moreover the small columns enable scientists to develop the first set of method parameters for the purification protocol of their target molecule. The results can easily be scaled up to preparative or process/production scale with TOYOPEARL process /bulk resins. The ToyoScreen Series exists for ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction and affinity chromatography.

The system consists of a set of 1ml or 5ml cartridge columns which will be mounted in a holder. The new Toyopearl AF-rProtein A-650 resin for antibody purification and TOYOPEARL MX-Trp-650M mixed mode resins are also available in 1 and 5 mL ToyoScreen columns. Despite of its simple hardware the columns exhibit reproducible and comparably high number of theoretical plates.

The columns are compatible to all existing HPLC, ÄKTA® und FPLC® systems and can be re-used for several times. The practical and economical Mix Packs for ion exchange and hydrophobic interaction chromatography, including the latest resin developments, are ideal for initial resin screening.

TOYOPEARL ToyoScreen Benefits:

  • Easy to set up and screen an entire resin series for a specific chromatographic mode.
  • For sample limited applications with up to milligram purifications.
  • Provides low cost, efficient alternative to self packing with bulk resin.
  • Seamless integration with any platform.
  • For cost savings in screening or process optimization experiments.

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