ToxReporter™ XRE Cell Line Starter Pack

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma

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One vial of ToxReporter XRE Stimulant (Catalog # ESTM-007) contains 100 µL of 100 µM 3-methylchoranthrene in 10% DMSO at 100X concentration. One vial of ToxReporter Selection Agent (Catalog # ESA-001) contains 20 mL of proprietary selection compound at 100X concentration. One vial of Assay Media Supplement (Catalog # EAMS-001) contains 1 mL of proprietary reagent at 100X concentration.

ToxReporter Cell Line Starter Pack 7 is required for use with the XRE ToxReporter Cell Line (Catalog # ECL-007). In response to toxic compounds, ToxReporter proteins are secreted from cells into culture media. This secreted protein may be measured using the ToxReporter ELISA kit (Catalog # ETR-201K).