Total Sulfur XVI+ analyzer by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Total Sulfur XVI+ analyzer
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The flexible XVI+ analyzer analyzes low concentrations of Total Sulfur in gaseous and liquid samples. The XVI+ can be configured for direct H2S measurement, straight reductive hydrogenation or oxy-hydro reductive measurement according to ASTM D4045-96, D6213-98, D4084-94,D4468-95,D4323-97,D6212-98

Product Details

The Thermo Electron Corporation XVI+ Total Sulfur analyzer combines the interference-free lead acetate tape detection technology with microprocessor-based electronics to provide fast and precise measurements of total sulfur content in liquid, gaseous, and LPG laboratory applications.
This unique analyzer system is capable of measuring total sulfur in the low concentration ranges (1ppb -20 ppm) and is suitable for very low level measurements with use of the H2S specific lead acetate tape detector. The XVI+ can be build as hydro, oxyhydro or H2S configuration.


  • Refinary
  • Fuel cell
  • LPG
  • LNG
  • High grade chemials


  • H2S specific
  • ASTM compliant
  • Height and rate of colour change measurement


  • H2S detection
  • oxy hydro configuration 
  • liquids auto sampler
  • gas sampler
  • pre heater
  • constant gas introduction