Total Sulfur and Chlorine analyzer, ECS 1200 by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Total Sulfur and Chlorine analyzer, ECS 1200 by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image
Total Sulfur and Chlorine analyzer, ECS 1200
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The Thermo Electron Coulometric System: ECS 1200 offers accurate and automatic analysis of Total Chlorine and Total Sulfur in liquids, solids, and gases down to 50 ppb designed for labs with a low sample throughput.

Product Detail

Thermo Electron designed the ECS 1200 system to meet the stringent compliance rules for Total Chlorine and total Sulfur measurements in High grade chemicals, petroleum products and LPG and gases.The Coulometric system: ECS 1200 is a compact analyzer designed for laboratories performing an average number of analyses. The ECS 1200 produces accurate data due to temperature controlled dual furnace, a turbo combustion quartz tube and a large scrubber for optimal conditioning of gas. The ECS series can be coupled to a liquid/solid/gas autosampler to provide accurate and precise analysis results


  • Compact design saves on costly laboratory bench space            
  • Maximum versatility with respect to your samples (liquids, solids and gases) and your analysis (sulphur and chlorine)            
  • Low-maintenance concept design            
  • Accurate and reliable data in accordance with all major international standards            
  • Seamless coupling to sampling accessories            
  • Custom-designed Windows-software for intuitive use of the nstrument and extensive data management possibilities 

Proven Applications   

  • High-grade chemicals           
  • Refinery products           
  • Petroleum testing            
  • LPG and gases           
  • Chemical additives           
  • Food oils and additives 

Improved accessories 
The performance of the ECS 1200 can be enhanced by:

  • Liquids autosampler            
  • Gas introduction system