Total Nitrogen Analyzer by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Total Nitrogen Analyzer
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The TN 3000 offers fast and accurate analysis of liquid, solid and gas samples in a broad range of applications from low to percentage level.

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Knowledge of the levels of Nitrogeneous compounds are crucial for industrial processes in for example  Chemical, Petrochemical and food and beverage businesses. Measuring Nitrogen helps to achieve  environmental regulatory compliance, processes control, quality control and increases profitability. The TN 3000 features stability due to precise temperature control of the furnace and detector. A patented turbo quartz tube delivers optimal combustion. To guarantee 24 hour operation, the TN 3000 can be connected to a liquids autosampler; ELS 3000, a solids autosampler; ECA 2000 or a gas module; EGM 1700.


• Lowest detection limit
• Low maintenance concept design
• Analysis of liquids, solids and gas samples
• Works 24 hours connected to one of the autosamplers of choice
• Easy connected to Sulfur and Chlorine modules
• Low investment cost due to 3 on 1 analysis


• Environmental control   
• High grade chemicals              
• Refinery products              
• Petroleum testing              
• LPG and gases              
• Chemical additives              
• Food oils and additives

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