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Tornado IS6
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The Tornado IS6 facilitates powerful, controlled mechanical stirring of up to six round bottomed flasks with the Carousel 6 Reaction Station

Powerful and productive...

Designed to accept all leading brands of overhead stirrer such as IKA and Heidolph, the Tornado IS6 evenly distributes high torque stirring to all positions of the Carousel 6.

The result is powerful, parallel overhead stirring even when faced with highly viscous liquids. At its most powerful Tornado can stir reaction mixtures of up to 10,000cps at 500rpm. The system is also well suited for dispersing delicate solids or resins in low viscosity solutions.

Designed to work with the Carousel 6...

The Tornado is designed to fit on top of a standard Carousel 6 Reaction Station and is compatible with the full range of Carousel round bottomed flasks from 50ml to 250ml (with and without sidearms). We have also introduced a new range of baffled and wide-neck round bottomed flasks which allow; better mixing, easier removal of viscous samples and the accommodation of a variety of larger stirrer blades.

Time saving and easy-to-use...

The Tornado features an easy-to-use, tool-free ‘Pinch-Grip’ mechanism for fast removal or exchange of stirrer shafts. This combined with a unique stirrer sealing system allows the Tornado to stir up to six flasks whilst under vacuum or an inert atmosphere.

Utilises versatile Carousel 6 parallel synthesis technology...

The Tornado IS6 connects directly on to the Carousel 6 without the need for tools. This provides the chemist with a versatile, modular, parallel synthesis station at a fraction of the cost of any comparable reaction system.

Tornado is available separately or as part of a complete system with a Carousel 6 Reaction Station.

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