TOPAZ Protein Crystallization System by Fluidigm Corporation

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TOPAZ Protein Crystallization System

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The TOPAZ® system provides an integrated solution for protein crystallization based on free interface diffusion (FID). The instrumentation includes the TOPAZ IFC Controller for loading TOPAZ chips and the AutoInspeX® II workstation for imaging of crystallization experiments. As a system, they offer the following:

•Quick and easy setup of FID experiments in TOPAZ chips
•High-end optics for images that are always in focus
•Best-in-class crystal calling capability

TOPAZ IFC Controller
The compact IFC Controller includes an on-board gas source for pressure-loading samples and reagents into TOPAZ chips. After chips are placed on the controller, a few taps of the touch screen is all that is necessary to automate FID experiment setup.

AutoInspeX II Workstation
The AutoInspeX II workstation works in synergy with TOPAZ chips to provide the best in class system for crystallization analysis. Its high-end optics and chip positioning eliminate the shortcomings
of standard microwell plate-based imaging. Images from every chamber within the chip are always in-focus and highly resolved. Imaging of standard drop based experiments is also available as
an option.

Crystal Vision Software
Crystal Vision allows easy viewing of crystallization results. Images for each diffusion chamber can be viewed onscreen in multiple formats: Zoom magnified, side-by-side, and as multiple time points. An intuitive user interface for data presentation, coupled with high accuracy crystal scoring, maximizes ease of use and speeds discovery.