TOPAZ Drop Imaging Upgrade by Fluidigm Corporation

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TOPAZ Drop Imaging Upgrade

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The Drop Imaging Upgrade — optical hardware and software for the TOPAZ® AutoInspeX® Workstation — allows the flexibility to image protein crystallization experiments on both TOPAZ chips and on microwell plates. Now, all screening methodologies can be centralized on one imaging platform, leveraging the workflow integration that is the hallmark of the TOPAZ system. Benefits of Drop Imaging

Upgrade includes:
• Automated imaging of both chip- and drop-based experiments on the
• AutoInspeX II Workstation.
• Archiving of images and experimental information
• Data management using the TOPAZ database
• Seamless Software Integration

When equipped with the upgrade, the AutoInspeX Workstation runs the analysis software packages (Image Acquisition, AutoProcessor, and Crystal Vision™) that have made the TOPAZ system the industry leader for imaging automation. With the TOPAZ database suite, the system also allows management of data for both chip-based and plate-based experiments via one user friendly interface — Experiment Manager™.