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TOPAZ Database Suite

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The TOPAZ® Database Suite — through the Experiment Manager™ interface — allows easy access to and management of information for the entire TOPAZ workflow: Setup of TOPAZ chips on the
IFC controller, imaging and scoring on the AutoInspeX® II workstation, and scale-up into diffraction-quality crystals. The interface also supports data management of standard drop based experiments and enables sophisticated database querying.

With the database suite, scientists can:

• Manage the complete workflow from creating screens to analyzing results
• Use commercial screens or design custom screens
• Easily produce web-based reports that include crystal images and experiment details

The Experiment Manager interface shows three tabs that organize the functions within the database:

• Library Explorer - catalogs the information about crystallization trials. It also incorporates wizards and templates that allow scientists to perform routine tasks, quickly and easily, and to edit the library.
• Experiment Explorer - provides information about individual chip experiments.
• Results Explorer - uses custom queries and filters to reveal trends in the experimental results.

Also, Results Explorer allows images from Crystal Vision™ software to be accessed and provides wizards for the design of follow-on experiments.