TOF-DS by Markes International Ltd

Manufacturer Markes International Ltd  |  Available Worldwide
Intuitive software platform for control and data processing of BenchTOF™ systems

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Supplied as standard with BenchTOF-HD and BenchTOF-Select time-of-flight mass spectrometers, TOF-DS incorporates advanced new features that perfectly complement the fundamental performance of BenchTOF systems.



  • Full control of BenchTOF and all major GC instruments
  • Real-time data processing. Unlockable parameters for fast sequencing and method development
  • Uncluttered, customisable user interface for easy navigation and visualisation of complex datasets
  • Advanced spectral deconvolution
  • Effortless qual-to-quant workflow
  • Customisable reporting module for versatile sample reporting
  • ChromSpace® software module for easy exploration of GC×GC files
  • Simple integration with Tandem Ionisation® soft-EI capability
  • ChromCompare® chromatographic comparison capability

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