TMB SENS - Standard by Kem-En-Tec Diagnostics A/S

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TMB SENS - Standard
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The TMB SENS is the latest TMB substrate released from our R&D team. The sensitivity of this TMB product is superior in todays marketplace. When comparing the TMB SENS with TMB ONE the OD-values more than double. Recommended for ELISA procedures, liquid TMB yields a soluble blue end product read at 655 nm.

For all our TMB products superior stop stability is achieved by a 0,3 M H2SO4 resulting in a yellow color read at 450 nm giving an excellent stop stability of at least 60 minutes. Maximum difference between our TMB substrates is observed after 10 min. of incubation before stopping. Stability life time is 2 ½ years at 4oC from the production date.