TLC-MS Interface by CAMAG

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TLC-MS Interface
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Rapid extraction of compounds for online transfer into APCI-MS, APPI-MS or ESI-MS

The versatile instrument to extract compounds from a TLC/HPTLC plate and feed into a mass spectrometer for substance identification or structure elucidation. CAMAG TLC-MS Interface can be connected to any brand of LC-coupled mass spectrometer.

• Compatible with all common HPLC-MS systems
• Rapid and convenient extraction directly into your MS
• Identification of unknown substances
• Confirmation of target compounds
• Semi-automatic performance
• Reproducible results and detectability similar to HPLC-MS
• Compatible with most common TLC/HPTLC layers
• Extraction into vials for NMR or (ATR-)FTIR [12], static nanospray, direct
• Inlet EI-MS and MALDI
• No more scraping off the plate

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