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TLB1000: Epi-Illumination Stand for Stereomicroscope
The TLB1000 series provides a simple, stable support base for incident light/epi-illumination applications.

These stands support most microscope models making them a perfect replacement for inexpensive original equipment bases or as a base for orphaned stereo microscope heads. The TLB1000 base can be purchased by itself with a Volpi fiber optic illuminator, or as a full imaging system. This system includes: SPOT camera with software, TLB base, Zeiss stereo microscope, and Volpi fiber optic illuminator.

Key Features:
•  Large, stable work area
•  Low profile
•  Built in wrist rests
•  Support for optical bundle lens
•  Models available for legacy microscopes
•  Ideal for microscopes with camera systems
•  Full imaging system available from SPOT Imaging Solutions