TITRONIC universal Titrating manually, dosing perfectly

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The TITRONIC® universal is a perfect motor- driven burette for manual titration and an extremely precise dosing instrument for dosable liquids, solvents and titrating agents. However, the TITRONIC® universal not only first-rate as a stand-alone instrument – it also thrives as the heart of a computer-controlled dosing or titrating system.

Adjusting easily, dosing precisely

With the TITRONIC® universal you can preselect any dosing volume from 0.01 ml to 999.99 ml easily with the keypad and you can adjust the dosing speed to a continuously controllable setting. Furthermore, with the TITRONIC® universal you can define the waiting time between the volume steps, a useful tool for incremental dosing tasks.

The dosing process is carried out precisely upon being called. This, by the way, is also extremely practical in the case of manual titration with the hand-held device: Using a precisely adjusting pre-titrating volume, which can be called up at the press of a button before each titration, you can reduce your titration times considerably.

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TITRONIC universal Titrating manually, dosing perfectly

Manufacturer Schott Instruments GmbH

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