TITRONIC basic burette by Schott Instruments GmbH

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TITRONIC basic burette

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Anyone with a TITRONIC® basic in the laboratory will leave bottle-top burettes and classic glass burettes on the shelf. Manual titration can be performed more reliably and accurately with the TITRONIC® basic, and the results can be documented when required.

Operation is so easy

The titration process is carried out by pressing a button on the ›mouse‹ – the handheld device TZ 3680. You can monitor the dosed quantity conveniently on the large display. The TITRONIC® basic is equipped with an RS-232-C serial interface so that you can document your results. Here, for example, you can also connect our small, practical TZ 3460 rollpaper printer or any other printer with a serial RS-232-C interface. Needless to say, you can also connect your PC to the TITRONIC® basic.

Precision is integrated

The accuracy of the TITRONIC® basic is guaranteed by the precision glass cylinder made of DURAN® borosilicate glass with its measurement deviation of less than 0.1 %. And the motor-driven, chemically resistant 3/2-way valve also provides its contribution for precise, reproducible values: It enables unpressurised drawing and dosing and therefore effectively prevents outgassing of liquids and vapour formation due to excessive vacuum pressure.

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