TitroLine Karl Fischer titrator

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Karl Fischer titrations easily made

Practically nothing can go wrong when you use the TitroLine KF for water analysis according to the Karl Fischer titration procedure: Each step in the analysis is prompted in a dialogue on the large display. The pre-parameterized methods can be called up easily and will facilitate your work. The versatility of the TitroLine KF makes it an ideal choice for KF analysis in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and mineral oil industries.

Easy – with methods

The TitroLine KF is already programmed with the following methods ready for you to use: sample titration, water titre, liquid standard titre, tartrate dihydrate titre, oven blank value and solvent blank value. All methods stored in the TitroLine KF are preassigned with the commonly used parameters. You can, however, change these parameters as required.

We are always glad to help you with your applications

The staff in our application laboratory are pleased to advise and assist you and will place the know-how they have gained through many years of practical work with KF titrations at your disposal. The application manual ‘KF Titration in Practical Applications’, which is enclosed with the TitroLine KF, puts some of this experience at your disposal. You will also find further applications in our application database at our Internet web site where application data can be downloaded free of charge