TitroLine alpha plus, Karl Fischer titrator

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Just add a few accessories and your TitroLine alpha plus becomes a precise KF Titrator

The TMKF KF titration stand featuring solvent addition at the push of a button and automatic discharge of titrated samples, the TZ 1770 KF titration vessel and the TZ 1106 double platinum electrode will transform your TitroLine alpha plus into a fully functional, most powerful volumetric titrator for water determination according to Karl Fischer (KF).

KF titration parameters –exactly as required

All parameters required to optimally adapt the method to your sample are available for your KF titration: extraction time, drift stop, endpoint delay, stop current (µA), adjustable pole voltage, maximum and minimum titration time. The drift determined can be automatically corrected.

Versatile and very precise

The TitroLine alpha plus KF is a per fect choice for all volumetric KF applications in the fields of pharmaceutics, chemistry, petrochemistry, foodstuff and plastics industry.

The very high precision of its 5 ml and 10 ml dosing units allow determination of water contents from as low as 10 ppm with excellent reproducibility. The upper limit is 100 %.