TitroLine 7000 by Lab Synergy

Manufacturer Lab Synergy
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TitroLine 7000
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TitroLine 7000 is capable of simple and easy titrations. This instrument is designed with additional features, like the ability to detect and calculate two equivalence points during one titration.

It is ideal for the following applications: water analysis, wastewater analysis, food testing, industrial products, non-aqueous titrations, specialty chemical as well as many other applications. This unit also offers the ability to store of up to 50 user methods, for the most capacity storage offered in the TitroLine.

Features like high visibility graphic display, new intelligent interchangeable modules, and flexible configuration features make the TitroLine 7000, easy to use. The TitroLine 7000 includes the capability to expand and customize your workstation using the three USB and two RS232 ports for a total of five connection options.