Titripac® by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

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Titripac® is an innovative, safe packaging system for both 4 and 10 liter ready-to-use volumetric solutions, buffer solutions and other aqueous solutions. Merck is now offering a new improved 10 liter version. Even more comfortable and easier to use, this Titripac® makes titration and pH measurement more convenient, simplifying your daily lab work.
• Consistent high quality
• No contamination
• Easier to carry with built-in handholds
• Less packaging waste since only one carton is used
• More compact and smaller, saving space and making it easier to handle
• Safer due to more stable box
• Easier to open

Titripac® makes work easier and faster. The packaging only needs to be pressed inwards and the integrated tap is already visible. This can be connected directly to a titrator using an adapter. The hermetically sealed packaging system prevents contamination caused by air, carbon dioxide and microorganisms. This means that the solutions themselves can be used right up to their expiration date without solution checks. The closed system offers consistently reliable results. The Titripac® is thus also the perfect solution for customers with high expectations and stringent quality management systems.

The new 10 liter Titripac® is smaller than its predecessor and has built-in handholds. It therefore takes up less lab space and is easier to handle. The more stable carton is approved for hazardous materials and makes transportation safer – while creating less packaging waste.

Merck donates 50 Euro cents to the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve “Kruger to Canyons” in South Africa for every Titripac® package sold. In doing so, Merck is supporting the "Cultivation of healing plant gardens by traditional healers" project. This is stabilizing the natural vegetation in the region and supporting the local population in using these plants sustainably.