TitrIC – the integrated system for fully automated water analysis

Manufacturer Metrohm AG

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TitrIC – fully automatic water analysis in one system

The analysis of ionic components in water samples involves four analytical methods: direct measurement, ion chromatography, titration and voltammetry. Metrohm combined the first three of these methods into a single system in 1998, when the first TitrIC system was introduced.

For voltammetry, which is characterized by very specific problem solutions, Metrohm offers stand-alone instruments.

The advantages of TitrIC

Rapid advances in instrumentation development have now allowed Metrohm to present a new version of the extremely powerful TitrIC system, which features:

• As many analyses as required with each sample –
one single report
• Completely automated analysis of up to 100 samples
• Safe data storage in database
• Unique calculation of ionic balance
• Optimal combination of two different techniques
• Only one sample changer
• Only one user interface
• Minimal space requirements