Titrette® - the bottle top burette

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The Titrette® has a new innovative measuring system, meaning even the tight error limits of Class A glass burettes per DIN EN ISO 385 are met. If needed it can display 3 decimal places for volumes below 20 ml.

■ Smooth-running operation
Easy-grip hand wheel and smooth precision gears for fast titration make handling extremely simple and reliable.

■ Light-weight and compact
Good stability thanks to compact design, low gravity center and light weight.

■ Flexible
The titrating tube can be adjusted horizontally and vertically - this provides flexibility when positioning the instrument, e.g., when using a magnetic stirrer or different bottle sizes.

■ Easy Handling
By the direction of hand wheel rotation the instrument automatically detects whether you are filling or titrating to reduce the risk of handling errors.

■ Additional electronic function
Four additional helpful extra functions make your work easier: Adjustment with Easy Calibration, Calibration schedule to save a date for the next calibration, save power with Auto-Power-Off, change decimal place settings.

■ Easy maintenance
Cleaning and part replacement can be carried out conveniently and easily in the lab.

■ Light protection
For protection of light-sensitive media amber-colored, easily replacable windows are included.

■ PC interface (optional)
The data transmission directly to the PC saves time and eliminates transcription errors.