ThinPrep 3000

Manufacturer Hologic, Inc.
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Hologic, Inc.

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Improved productivity

Dramatically reduces the time currently required to process the ThinPrep Pap Test: up to 80 samples per cycle.

Walk away automation

Processes the ThinPrep Pap Test samples unattended, allowing laboratory personnel to perform other duties.


Maintains the security of patient samples through automatic chain-of-custody verification.
Convenient storage and retrieval
Easy storage and retrieval of sample vials after processing; facilitates reflex testing for sexually transmitted diseases.

A simple four-step process

1. Load vial trays — vials are uncapped and recapped automatically
2. Load filter trays — utilizes ThinPrep processing technology
3. Load slide cartridges — processes 3 batches of 80 slides per 8-hour shift
4. Load staining racks — fully compatible with your laboratory's staining system
Specifications of the ThinPrep 3000


3 batches of 80 slides per 8-hour shift. Up to 60,000 samples per year with a single 8-hour shift.


80 sample vials (two 40-vial trays) per batch. 2 cartridges of 100 ThinPrep 3000 microscope slides. 2 trays of 100 ThinPrep 3000 filters. 4 slide staining racks of 20 slides each.


48" wide x 28" deep x 62" high
122 cm wide x 71 cm deep x 158 cm high

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ThinPrep 3000

Manufacturer Hologic, Inc.

4.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews