Thin-Wall PCR Tubes and Caps

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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Bio-Rad offer a large selection of Thin-Wall PCR Tubes, PCR Plates, Seals, and Accessories that are precisely manufactured for optimal fit and cycling performance in Bio-Rad thermal cyclers and real-time systems.

Bio-Rad's PCR tubes are made of thin-wall polypropylene and are designed to fit precisely in our reaction blocks to ensure optimal heat transfer to the sample. Extremely tight-sealing caps allow samples as small as 5 µl to be run with confidence using a heated lid. Calculated temperature control for the DNA Engine family of cyclers is calibrated specifically for use with these tubes. Tubes and caps are available individually or in strips of 8 or 12. Low-profile strip tubes are available in strips of 8. 

Bio-Rad's tubes, plates, and caps are process-sampled and tested to be negative for DNase, RNase, and human DNA