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Thermoreactors for COD and all other thermal Digestion Processes

Thermoreactors are required for chemical digestion processes, such as for COD, total nitrogen or total phosphorus. They ensure that the digestion is carried out completely, as they maintain the necessary high reaction temperature throughout the whole of the defined period. In each of the thermoreactors from WTW the most important temperatures and digestion times are stored in 5, easily selectable digestion programs.

In addition to these 5 fixed standard programs, CR 3200 and CR 4200 thermoreactors allow you to store 8 of your own user-defined programs. Suitable for 16 mm cuvettes.

Safety Precautions

All WTW thermoreactors optimize the heat transmission between the heating block and cuvettes as well as their superior safety. Apart from the built-in safety hood, which prevents chemicals from being splashed about should a cuvette break and the contact protection for the heating block surface, all reactors have timer functions. All reactors display when the reaction temperature is reached.