ThermoClamp™-1 Temperature Control System [8 Ch.]

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* Combination inline heater plus multi-channel focal drug delivery
Maintain bath temperature and rapid drug wash-out with a high-flow bath line while quickly switching 8 preheated solutions through the Perfusion Pencil.® Steady 37°C at 5 ml/minute flow rates through both the bath line and tip.

* Advanced auto-tuning temperature lock
Fuzzy logic PID software maintains chamber or reagent temperature to within 1°C of setpoint or better. The ThermoClamp calibrates its own tuning for ideal temperature control - no need to guess "loop speed" settings.

* Designed for advanced physiology research
No metal anywhere in the flow path - unlike some competitors. Low noise for electrophysiology with internal and external grounding plus electrical isolation between liquids and heating elements.

System Includes:
Temperature controller, bath sensor, and 8-channel heated Perfusion Pencil with removable tip available in 100, 250 or 360 micron internal diameter.

CE Marked for sale in Europe.