Thermo Scientific TS586e -86 °C Freezer by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Thermo Scientific TS586e -86 °C Freezer by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image
Thermo Scientific TS586e -86 °C Freezer
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quality deep freezer, well worth the money!
Rating: 4.0

  • Application Area: cancer biology, tumor biopsy samples storage, cell line storage, purified RNA/DNA samples

"We have this freezer for 2 years and have never encountered any problems. It is easy to use, very reliable and the digital screen shows the accurate temperature inside. The alarm rings if the temperature is above the set threshold, an very important feature to keep our valuable samples intact. The door handle is well designed, easy to open and seals well, less ice build-up comparing to other deep freezers. "

Review date: 15 Jan 2016 | Thermo Scientific TS586e -86 °C Freezer

The Thermo Scientific TS586e offers proven, eco-friendly performance with outstanding energy efficiency.

As an environmentally friendly model, the Thermo Scientific TS586e -86°C freezer is a CE-certified and WEEE directive-compliant freezer employing CFC-free and HFC-free hydrocarbon refrigerants. An industry leading low energy consumption of 10.7 KWH/day (at the -80°C setpoint) makes the TS586e one of the most energy efficient freezers, using up to 40% less energy than conventional freezers.

■100% hydrocarbon refrigerants: No ozone-depleting CFCs or high greenhouse warming potential HFC's
■CE certified and WEEE directive compliant freezer
■Environmentally-friendly, water blown foam insulation: Maximizes internal storage while assuring consistent, uniform temperature throughout the freezer

■Low noise emissions: at less than 49 dB(A), the unit resides comfortably in the lab without disturbing users
■Proven, powerful refrigeration system: delivers rapid cooling, fast response to door openings, and superior long-term performance under fluctuating voltage and environmental conditions
■Ergonomically-designed handle: ensures minimal effort during freezer opening and closings
■Wide range of racks, accessories and options: including optional CO2 back-up system, and chart recorder
■Water-cooled condenser option: for enhanced compressor stability

■Intuitive microprocessor control system: for comprehensive remote monitoring of compressor function, condenser temperature, door open, and ambient temperature
■Audible/visual alarms: alert to any temperature deviation beyond pre-set high/low limits
■High ambient alert: warns if room temperature may have impact on freezer performance
■Low voltage alert: warns of insufficient incoming line voltage
■RS232 interface: for data download to PC
■Performance deviation alert: warns of current or recent automatically adjusted incidents that may affect performance
■Low battery alarm: with auto-charge for battery back-up

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Thermo Scientific TS586e -86 °C Freezer by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image

Thermo Scientific TS586e -86 °C Freezer

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

4.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews