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Thermo Scientific™ TraceFinder™ Software is a single, easy-to-use software for routine GC, GC-MS, LC, and LC-MS quantitation, targeted screening, and qualitative review of data.

TraceFinder software increases productivity with powerful method development, simplified acquisition, comprehensive data review, and extensive reporting features including custom report options.
Routine laboratories of all sizes face pressure to increase efficiency without sacrificing data quality. TraceFinder software is designed to simplify and streamline routine GC and LC quantitation and targeted screening workflows, with the daily challenges of these customers in mind.

TraceFinder software provides quantitative workflows for all liquid and gas chromatography analysis and detection systems while providing specific workflows and reports for the Environmental, Food Safety, Clinical Research, and Forensic Toxicology Laboratory. TraceFinder software for Environmental and Food Safety provides the ability to meet worldwide regulations in that specific laboratory type. The Clinical Research and Forensic Toxicology versions of TraceFinder software provides easy implementation of requirements in those types of laboratories. When a laboratory does not require these specific reports or workflows, TraceFinder General Quantitation provides all the data processing and reporting capabilities to easily handle all gas and liquid chromatography data types.