Thermo Scientific SkanIt Software

Thermo Scientific SkanIt Software

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific SkanIt™ Software - The ultimate tool for both microplate reader control and data handling. There are two editions of SkanIt Software available; a SkanIt Research Edition more

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Thermo Scientific SkanIt™ Software - The ultimate tool for both microplate reader control and data handling.

There are two editions of SkanIt Software available; a SkanIt Research Edition for scientists working in life science research, and a SkanIt Drug Discovery Edition offering features needed for compliance with FDA's 21 CFR Part 11, for the drug discovery industry.

SkanIt for Assay setup and instrument control

Thermo SkanIt Software gives the user total control over the Varioskan spectral scanning multimode reader, and supports optimal use of the instruments features. SkanIt Software is highly visual and has a familiar Windows-type user interface that makes assay setup and data handling easy.

Visual workflow with the steplist feature

The workflow in Thermo Scientific SkanIt Software is visual and easy to follow with the graphical steplist feature. Any assay can easily be created by adding steps to the steplist. Each step corresponds to an instrument action (e.g. dispense, measure) and a new action can easily be added by adding the corresponding step to the steplist.

Maximum flexibility with the SkanIt Software for complex assays

The steplist of SkanIt software also offers utmost flexibility in assay setup, as any number of steps can be added to the steplist. A session can contain several measurement steps and for multilabel assays, several wavelengths can be measured almost simultaneously. 

Real-time data with SkanIt Software during measurement

Thermo Scientific SkanIt Software lets the user follow the measurement in real time on the screen. For endpoint measurements in 96- and 384 well plates, the measured value is shown for each well as it is measured.  

SkanIt - Effortless data reduction with built-in calculations

Data reduction in Thermo Scientific SkanIt™Software is effortless due to the intuitive data reduction steplist. The user can select from a comprehensive set of built-in calculations: Blank Subtraction, Multipoint, Curve Fit, Cut-Off, Kinetic Processors for reduction of kinetic data, Spectral Recuction for redocution of spectral scans, Ratio/Inhibition, Effective Dose and Quality Control.

Comprehensive reports and easy export of data from SkanIt Software

Data can easily be exported from SkanIt either manually or automatically for use in other systems like Microsoft Excel. Extensive reports can also be created using the Report generator. 

Integration of SkanIt software with automated systems

Thermo Scientific SkanIt Software offers a special remote control interface for easy integration with LIMS and automated systems. 

Features needed for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

The Drug Discovery Edition of SkanIt™ Software offers a range of technical features needed for compliance with FDA?s Rule 21 CFR Part 11. These features include:

   - User logon through a unique combination of a user name and a password
   - Customizable Password expiration date and lockout after failed logon
   - Customizable User Groups with different access to software features
   - A time-stamped Audit Trail for automatic recording of all important actions
   - A true Digital Signature with data encryption for ultimate data security 
   - Easy backup of all important data


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