Thermo Scientific RapidStak

Thermo Scientific RapidStak
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Thermo Fisher Scientific

The RapidStak is the fastest and most efficient microplate stacker in its class.  Its high capacity and reliable design allow for longer and more confident walk away time than typical stackers. more

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Review date: 07 Apr 2009

Thermo Scientific RapidStak

"Perfect- between a plate washer and plate filler."



The RapidStak is the fastest and most efficient microplate stacker in its class.  Its high capacity and reliable design allow for longer and more confident walk away time than typical stackers.  Its robustness and ease of set-up make for a seamless and trouble-free installation and reconfiguration.

Product Detail
The new Thermo Electron RapidStak provides valuable walk-away time and relief from monotonous tasks. Utilizing a unique patented buffer nest technology allowing parallel processing of stacking and plate loading.   The RapidStak provides fast, reliable automation for any laboratory in need of increased productivity and walk-away confidence. The RapidStak can be set-up in minutes to most new or existing Thermo instruments, even in the field.

Fast, High throughput
The RapidStak features a patented choreography and telescoping arm design that allows it to deliver plates to the instrument while performing the next stack/destack operation simultaneously.  This multi-tasking yields a load/unload time of less than six seconds.  Maximum throughput of the RapidStak, assuming a 7 second or less instrument operation, is 300 plates per hour.

Quick and Easy Set-up
The RapidStak is easy to unpack, set-up and configure.  There are no tools required for set-up and if you are automating a Multidrop or Wellwash AC there is no PC required either.  Simply position the instrument relative to the RapidStak.  Set-up is so easy this can be done in the lab in minutes, even to existing instruments. No instrument modifications or additional options are needed.

The RapidStak can grow as your needs grow.  The standard two Stak model can be upgraded to the RapidStak 2x, four Stak model, tripling your capacity when you require.  This allows you to purchase the smaller model with full confidence knowing you can expand in the future. All RapidStak models use both the 30 and 50 plate Staks.  These Staks are easily interchangeable.

The RapidStak is designed and made to the same expectations as Thermo's large automated systems and industrial robots.


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