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Thermo Scientific Pinpoint software is designed to simplify the transition from early-stage biomarker discovery to larger-scale, quantitative verification of putative biomarkers and general quantitative proteomics.

It takes advantage of the power of Thermo Scientific TSQ triple quadrupole mass spectrometers to generate high-confidence quantitative data.

Pinpoint software is in final stages of development; but for a limited time, it can be downloaded free.
Product Details

Pinpoint software has a wealth of features designed to maximize productivity, data quality, and analytical confidence:

- Easy import and processing of panels of targeted proteins/peptides selected from discovery experiments
- Automated searching of user-created and public (e.g. Peptide Atlas) MS/MS spectral libraries, or in-silico prediction of target peptides for hypothesis-driven experiments
- Automated selection of the most abundant precursor and product ions, with highly accurate, automated determination of optimal collision energies for SRM transitions
- Flexible method design that can integrate high-resolution precursor selection, timed acquisition, and full MS/MS scans (QED) into SRM assays
- Spectral matching capabilities between experimental and library data provides unique correlation analysis with probability scoring for targeted peptide verification with high confidence.
- Customizable reports that can integrate discovery results with relative and absolute quantitation results
- Easy result export for method refinement for subsequent qualitative and quantitative experiments