Thermo Scientific Multiskan Spectrum

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The Thermo Multiskan Spectrum spectrophotometer offers a high number of capabilities in one instrument.

The Thermo Multiskan Spectrum spectrophotometer provides unlimited wavelength selection, measurement at low UV to visible wavelengths and both cuvette and microplate reading capabilities.  Moreover, the Thermo Multiskan Spectrum has been designed for easy integration with automated systems. With its excellent feature set, the Thermo Multiskan Spectrum is ideal for a wide range of photometric applications.

Unlimited wavelength selection of the Thermo Multiskan Spectrum for easy swapping of assays
Any wavelength from 200 nm to 1000 nm in 1 nm steps can be selected without ever having to change a filter due to the built-in monochromator of the Thermo Multiskan Spectrum.

Flexible sample formats from cuvette to screening assays with the Thermo Multiskan Spectrum
For maximum flexibility, Thermo Multiskan Spectrum accepts all microplate formats from 6 to 384 wells, as well as cuvettes from standard to ultramicro capabilities. With the pathlength correction function, the results obtained using the microplate can be directly compared with data from any other spectrophotometer.

Logical assay setup using SkanIt Software
Powerful SkanIt Software allows easy assay setup, effortless data reduction, and comprehensive report formatting. The unique step-list feature makes assay setup visual and flexible and the workflow logical and easy to follow.

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Thermo Scientific Multiskan Spectrum

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

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