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The Multidrop DW from Thermo Fisher Scientific is a high-speed automated dispenser for Deep Well plates, 1.1 ml test tubes and 96-well plates.

Designed for accuracy and precision, the Multidrop DW dispenses up to eight different reagents. It covers a volume range of 20-995 µl. The Thermo Multidrop DW is optimized for dispensing into deep well plates, Micronic tube racks, 1.1 ml test tubes in racks, and 96-well plates in the volume range of 20-995 μl. Ideally the Multidrop DW suits compound handling and storage.

Features of the Multidrop DW:

• Designed for repetitive dispensing of large volumes
• Precise, accurate and fast dispensing
• Suitable for multiple reagents
• Computer controlled dispensing
• Autoclavable dispensing cassette

The high-speed Multidrop DW takes only five seconds to fill an entire microplate with 20 μl/well of reagent. Deep wells can be filled with 900 µl/well of reagent in just 74 s. Dispensing accuracy is typically less than +/- 2% for dispensing volumes from 20 up to 995 µl in 5 µl increments. Any number of columns can be selected from 1 to 12.

Multidrop DW allows continuous dispensing by using a high-precision peristaltic pump to dispense directly from single or multiple reagent bottles. Up to 8 different liquids can be dispensed into any number of columns using the 8-channel dispensing cassette. For time-controlled applications, the Multidrop DW has an RS-232 serial interface.

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