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Fast, stress-free plate filling with Thermo Scientific Multidrop dispensers

The complete range of Thermo Scientific Multidrop microplate dispensers provides effortless solutions for dispensing a broad liquid volume range. With the ability to fill a variety of microplate types and formats with reagents, buffers, media and live cells, you have the ability to fill a 384-well plate with 5µL, in just 5 seconds. This fast dispensing saves valuable laboratory time, while increasing productivity and eliminating assay variation. Designed for ease of use, these flexible and precise instruments offer unrivalled levels of performance and accuracy to meet all dispensing requirements.

The user-friendly Thermo Scientific Multidrop 384 and Multidrop DW bulk reagent dispensers allow you to simply select the plate and volume you require, making them ideal for experienced and entry-level users alike. Designed for liquid volumes greater than 20 μL, the Multidrop 384 dispenses from 5 to 395 μL into 96- and 384-well formats. The Multidrop DW has been developed to dispense higher volumes, between 20 and 995 μL, into DW plates, standard 96-well plates and tubes in 96-well racks. The Multidrop Combi provides outstanding flexibility, with the ability to dispense a volume range of 0.5 to 2500 μL into microplates from 6- to 1536-wells. This versatility opens the Multidrop Combi up for a wide range of applications within drug discovery, genomics and proteomics.

All Thermo Scientific Multidrop instruments utilize detachable 8-channel dispensing cassettes, which are fully autoclavable to ensure sterile conditions are supplied and the potential for cross-contamination is minimized. All reagents can also be back-flushed into the bottle, reducing the loss of expensive reagents.

For fast and stress free dispensing with outstanding flexibility, precision and accuracy, find out more about the Thermo Scientific microplate dispensers at our product website.

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Thermo Scientific Multidrop dispensers

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

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