Thermo Scientific Matrix PlateMate 2x3

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Rating: 4.7

"Not the most versatile instrument in the world, but very robust and very good at doing basic 96 + 384 channel pipetting."

Review date: 14 Mar 2011 | Thermo Scientific Matrix PlateMate 2x3
Versatile 6-Position 96- and 384-Channel Automated Pipetting Workstation

The Thermo Scientific Matrix PlateMate 2x3 is a 6-position versatile automated liquid handling platform. The instrument is compatible with 8 user-interchangeable disposable or fixed tip pipetting heads with a combined volume range of 0.1 µl-300 µl.

The Matrix PlateMate 2x3 is available in (2) versions, either standalone with safety light curtain and side shields to ensure user safety and robotic friendly for easy integration into larger robotic systems. Every instrument comes with the license free ControlMate software interface and is installed by an Automation Specialist to ensure all customers are fully trained and ready to hit the ground running after their Matrix PlateMate 2x3 set-up.

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Thermo Scientific Matrix PlateMate 2x3

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

4.7 / 5.0 | 1 reviews