Thermo Scientific LXQ Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer

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Average Rating: 3.9
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4 out of 5
Ease of use
4 out of 5
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4 out of 5
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Have used for a few years very nice
Rating: 4.0

  • Application Area: Proteomics

"The mass spec is very user friendly. It does have some hang ups with the software not always being intuitive but is very easy to learn"

Review date: 19 May 2016 | Thermo Scientific LXQ Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer
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  • Member since: 2011

  • Organization: LEO Pharma

  • Ease of use
    4 out of 5
    After sales service
    3 out of 5
    Value for money
    4 out of 5
Rating: 3.7
"Excellent general purpose MS."

Review date: 31 Aug 2011 | Thermo Scientific LXQ Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer
The LXQ, designed for drug discovery, forensics, proteomics and a variety of industrial applications, offers fast cycle time with the increased sensitivity of a linear ion trap, at an attractive price.

Technology You Can Trust From the leaders in linear ion trap technology
  • High sensitivity for detection of multiple analytes in complex matrices
  • Confident structural identification
  • Fast cycle times for high-throughput analyses
  • Patented linear ion trap design enables high-quality MSn characterization
  • Routine protein and peptide analysis

Maximize LC/MS information with rapid and reliable compound detection and structural identification

A high-throughput strategy, including simultaneous identification and quantification of multiple drugs, is necessary to accelerate lead optimization. Such studies provide feedback to guide synthesis efforts, and to optimize pharmacokinetic and safety characteristics of drug candidates. The combination of fast cycle time and high spectral quality using the LXQ is key to quickly screening for drugs and their metabolites.

Quantification and robustness for forensics

The LXQ delivers high accuracy and precision for quantitative analysis, along with a linear dynamic range of four orders of magnitude. The high ion storage capacity of the LXQ linear ion trap provides reliable quantification in complex matrices with superior qualitative results.

Increase productivity with reliable instrument operation

The Ion Max™ source and the LXQ offer outstanding robustness for the most demanding analytical applications. As leading innovators of ion trap technology, Thermo ion traps are built from the best-integrated designs resulting in long-term operation and consistent spectra generation.

Rapid screening for proteomics

The LXQ offers routine protein and peptide identification. The LXQ delivers high sensitivity MS/MS spectra for resolving coeluting peptides often seen in protein digests. The high spectral quality of the LXQ results in high correlation scores for confident sequence identification.