Thermo Scientific Heraeus Megafuge 16 Centrifuge

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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Efficient separation of insoluble salts in synthetic organic and inorganic chemistry

"The Heraeus Megafuge 16 does exactly what you need it to do: it centrifuges efficiently any insoluble solid from a mixture. In my lab, we use centrifugation instead of filtration as often as we can as it minimizes product loss and there is no need for onerous filter paper. The Heraeus Megafuge 16 is a benchtop centrifuge which is extremely easy to use, easy to program and can achieve centrifugation speeds (up to 5000 rpm) that enable the separation of very thin salts and particles. It is also very heavy so it does not vibrate and disturb other instruments. A must-have in any synthetic chemistry lab, one of the best value for money centrifuges on the market. "

Review date: 08 Dec 2014 | Thermo Scientific Heraeus Megafuge 16 Centrifuge
The Thermo Scientific Heraeus Megafuge 16 general purpose 1L centrifuge series delivers unmatched capacity, ergonomic features and value for routine processing needs.Ideal for routine processing, the new Thermo Scientific Heraeus Megafuge 16 centrifuge series combines exceptional capacity, ergonomics and value with marketing-leading capabilities including unparalleled productivity and throughout as well as exceptional ergonomics.