Thermo Scientific Heraeus BK 800 refrigerated incubator

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The Heraeus® BK 800 refrigerated incubator features a compact footprint, temperature range of 3° to 40° C, and a large 220 liter capacity. Ideal for incubation and storage at or below ambient temperature, it is the unit of choice for microbiological sample testing, shelf-life testing, water pollution testing, and biochemical oxygen demand protocols.

The BK 800 refrigerated incubator is:

  • Energy efficient: BK 800 refrigerated incubators achieve best energy efficiency ratings, which translate into lower operating costs.
  • Easy to clean: impact-proof interior with rounded edges make it easy to clean, protecting samples against contamination.
  • Fully configurable: internal sockets accommodate stirrers and other equipment inside that can be time controlled for defined cycles.

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Thermo Scientific Heraeus BK 800 refrigerated incubator

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

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