Thermo Scientific Fluoroskan Ascent FL

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Thermo Fluoroskan Ascent FL - Ideal for life science research applications.

The Fluoroskan Ascent FL is equipped with both fluorometric and luminometric measurement technologies, providing a full coverage for fluorometric, glow and flash luminometric applications even in the same run.

Application areas of Fluoroskan Ascent FL

ATP detection
FRET assays
Cell adhesion
Reporter gene assays, Calcium flux assays, Immunoassays
DNA quantitation
Cytotoxicity and Bacterial quantitation
Hybridization assays
Cell proliferation and Enzymatic activity
Quantitation of PCR products Molecular beacon assays

Advantages of the Fluoroskan Ascent FL include:

State-of-the-art optical system for unrivaled sensitivity
The direct illumination optics of Fluoroskan Ascent FL produce a highly focused light beam. In fluorescence measurement, this prevents crosstalk and ensures accurate readings. Fluoroskan Ascent FL can also be equipped with filters for luminometric measurements.

Flexible plate formats, from 1 to 384, enable reading in primary wells
Designed for superior flexibility, Fluoroskan Ascent FL reads any microplate format, including 1-96 and 384-well plates.

Up to three dispensers for flash and rapid kinetic applications
For easy and accurate reagent addition, up to three dispensers can be fitted on board Fluoroskan Ascent FL. Dispensing volumes can be adjusted in 1µl increments over a volume range of 1-1000 µl.

On-board incubation and orbital shaking
An incubator option is available with the Fluoroskan Ascent FL for cell biology, enzyme assays and other applications requiring precise temperature control.

Fluoroskan Ascent FL is Completely robot compatible
Robotic integration is simple and effective with the Fluoroskan Ascent FL.

The plate carrier allows convenient access for different kinds of robotic arms. It has been designed to enable portrait gripping of the plate with the gripper of less than 60 mm and also landscape gripping with the gripper of less than 65 mm. Ascent Software is easy to integrate with robotic and LIMS systems. The execution of predefined assays can be controlled remotely and the software can be set up to export and import data automatically.

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Thermo Scientific Fluoroskan Ascent FL

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

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