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Thermo Scientific FILLit Software
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The Thermo Scientific FILLit Software, maximizes the flexibility of the Thermo Scientific Multidrop Combi and Multidrop Combi nL reagent dispensers.

Thermo FILLit Software with increased functionality for ease of use

The easy-to-use FILLit Software provides increased user functionality, along with the ability to develop, database and transfer dispensing protocols. With data on run time, protocol parameters and instrument settings, the software is ideal for life science and drug discovery laboratories looking to maximize the functionality of their Multidrop® Combi and Multidrop Combi nL reagent dispensers.

Flexibility with Thermo FILLit Software

The FILLit software for the Multidrop Combi is highly flexible, with an extensive plate list sorted according to manufacturer. Furthermore, plate layouts are easily transferred into the instrument memory for stand-alone use and are easily managed on-screen. This allows the user to easily select the required format and columns to be filled.

High experimental accuracy with FILLit software

The Multidrop Combi nL version of the FILLit software increases experimental accuracy with the generation of 5 point calibration curves, and a more advanced calibration check option. As a result, possible differences in the dispensing volume of each valve can be adjusted, ensuring extreme precision. The FILLit software enables the discreet selection of wells, in addition to columns and rows. FILLit also enables the definition of well volumes and enables protocols to be stored in the database where they can be transferred to the instrument.