DXR™ Raman Microscope

DXR™ Raman Microscope
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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific™ DXR Raman microscope provides Point and shoot Raman microscopy with exceptional sensitivity and spatial resolution for working applications. The Thermo Scientific DXR Raman mic...read more

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Review date: 06 Sep 2012

Application Area: Protein quantification
DXR™ Raman Microscope

"This is a very nice, compact piece of equipment. It was very easy to use - I was using it confidently myself after only a few minutes. It is very user friendly, both the instrument itself and the operating/analysis software. The best feature is the ease of changing the laser wavelength - literally less than a minute!"



Thermo Scientific™ DXR Raman microscope provides Point and shoot Raman microscopy with exceptional sensitivity and spatial resolution for working applications.

The Thermo Scientific DXR Raman microscope completely redefines the Raman microscope so that it meets the demands of busy laboratories. Without sacrificing performance, Thermo Scientific has built an instrument family around reliability, confidence, and usability.

Furthermore, the product solves practical application problems with innovations that improve your ability to get to good information quickly. Thermo Scientific put's expertise under the hood, real world problem solving into the design, and support everywhere in the world.

DXR™ Raman Microscope Features:

  • Spatial resolution—demonstrated as good as 540nm resolution on ideal sample
  • Confocal depth resolution—demonstrated as good as 1.7μm on ideal sample
  • Full spectral range of 3500-50cm-1 captured with a single exposure of the CCD avoids stitching artifacts. Extended spectral range to 6,000cm-1 available for 532nm laser
  • Supports multiple excitation lasers. 532nm, 633nm, and 780nm
  • Automatic fluorescence correction available with all excitation lasers
  • Characterization and identification of small particles
  • Great for ID of particulate contaminants
  • High-resolution depth profiling and subsurface analysis on transparent and semi opaque samples Excellent for characterizing coatings, multi-layer laminates, thin films, inclusions and subsurface defects
  • Organic and inorganic samples—the wide spectral range with measurements down to 50cm-1 is of particular advantage for inorganics, which typically have bands at low frequencies
  • Molecular morphology characterization—good representation of carbon and silicon molecular backbones provides great differentiation of pharmaceutical and mineral polymorphs as well as differentiation of amorphous and crystalline forms of silicon and different carbon nanomaterials
  • Characterization of surface areas and subsurfaces are supported with x-y area maps and x-z maps
  • Measurements through glass and plastic packaging—allows measuring directly through evidence bags, injectable ampules, and protective overcoatings
  • Remote sampling for samples too large to fit under the microscope, with optional fiber-optic probes
  • Configurable GO button on instrument provides for walk-up operation
  • All data collection, processing, and reporting steps can be stored so that a user can load a sample under the microscope, push a button, and have a report print out with no interaction with the computer
  • Supports surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) measurements
  • Lasers, filters, and grating Smart modules all user exchangeable and can be shared with other DXR instruments


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