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Thermo Scientific CGD WorkCell
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  • Application Area: For Cell Culture Proliferation

"The products are good and have the possibility to improve the quality of research but they have difficulties in delivery. The products could be cheaper compared to current sale price. "

Review date: 02 Dec 2013 | Thermo Scientific CGD WorkCell
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  • Ease of use
    5 out of 5
    After sales service
    5 out of 5
    Value for money
    3 out of 5
Rating: 4.3

  • Application Area:Cell Culture Techniques With hsv-1

"Thermo products have always been exactly as advertised and customer service has been great. They are also very easy to use and are always the first company I look to for products concerning tissue culturing."

Review date: 28 Nov 2013 | Thermo Scientific CGD WorkCell
The CGD WorkCell is a fully enclosed, environmentally controlled automation solution designed for high capacity cell growth, supply and in-line image analysis. Combining state-of–the-art software with sophisticated robotics, the CGD WorkCell is a turn key system which can simultaneously handle multiple plate/flask formats and perform cell maintenance, colony selection and RNAi studies.. The CGD WorkCell can significantly improve the quantity and quality of characterized cells, eliminating human error and improving data consistency.
Thermo Scientific CGD WorkCell has been designed specifically for the growth and analysis of multiple cell lines and cultures The high capacity system offers full level II HEPA containment with strategic ports for easy user access while still protecting cells from contamination, and users from potentially hazardous aerosols and vapors.

Importantly, the CGD WorkCell can perform a wide variety of assays at the optimal point of cell growth and has extensive process flexibility to meet the culture and experimental demands of varying cell types. With the ability to accommodate multiple container formats, the CGD WorkCell can provide cells suitable for a variety of research needs, from cloning and transfection studies to general cell line amplification in one system.
The new CGD WorkCell is powered by Thermo Scientific Celleste™ Software and provides a user-friendly workflow management tool that can significantly improve laboratory operations and production. The Celleste Software turns complex automated multi-cell line schedules into simple task buttons and configured process-specific operations for ease-of-use. Users can dynamically schedule automated cell growth, manipulation and analytical procedures, tracking activities without actively managing complex cell growth programs. Additionally, the CGD WorkCell allows extensive method optimization and control monitoring. 24/7 operation enables long-term cell maintenance, providing alerts when cells are confluent and ready for use, and tracking reagents and consumable levels.

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Thermo Scientific CGD WorkCell by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image

Thermo Scientific CGD WorkCell

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

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