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Thermo Scientific BioBank

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The BioBank is the only automated -80°C sample library with all robotics outside of the cold area (for maximum reliability.)

Samples are stored at -80°C.
  • The cold storage area is based on a proven chest freezer design that keeps temperatures uniformly cold.
  • The unique rack storage system minimizes exposure of the samples to ambient temperatures, and allows easy sample access.
  • Frost buildup never compromises the sample or interferes with the sample management process, with chamber air being maintained at < 5% relative humidity at all times.

The BioBank is ideal for the storage and retrieval of sensitive biological samples:

Store more samples - The BioBank is an automated sample storage and retrieval system with a capacity of nearly 1000 microplates.

Protect the samples from the effects of heat - Storage temperature of -80°C keeps cells and tissues viable in applications such as biorepositories, cell libraries, and libraries of very thermosensitive molecules.

Protect the samples in case of unexpected problems - Based on a high quality -80°C chest freezer, the Biobank is fitted with safety assurance systems such as CO2 backup and remote alarm. Robot maintenance can be performed without opening the cold area.

Fast and reliable storage and retrieval – The BioBank has a patented rack and robotic system that optimizes automated storage and retrieval of samples. The relative humidity in the robotics enclosure is always < 5%, minimizing frost buildup at all times. Samples are always easily accessible.