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Thermo Scientific Ascent Software
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Thermo Ascent Software - flexible, easy-to-use software to control all members of the Ascent microplate reader family.

Ascent software features a clear and easy-to-follow approach with highly visual assay setup, user-friendly and highly sophisticated data handling, and effective integration to automation and LIMS systems. 

Ascent Software Detail

Thermo Ascent Software has been designed to power all microplate instruments belonging to the Ascent family, including our fluorometers, luminometer, nephelometer and photometers. The familiar Ascent software user interface is always the same, regardless of which instrument you are using. Imagine, you may never need to learn how to use a new software again!

Ascent Software can be used with the following instruments:

  • Thermo Fluroskan Ascent
  • Thermo Fluroskan Ascent FL
  • Thermo Luminoskan Ascent
  • Thermo Nepheloskan Ascent
  • Thermo Multiskan Ascent
  • Thermo Multiskan EX

Thermo Scientific Ascent Software is divided into two desktops. The Procedure Desktop controls the instruments and allows basically limitless assay setup according to the users needs. In the uncommonly flexible Results Desktop, measurement data is reduced, results calculated and reports created using the powerful built in calculations in Ascent Software.